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Large Item Assembly Area

Hydrep's large item assembly and repair area is supported by a 10 ton overhead crane and direct access loading and unloading transportation bay enabling Hydrep to handle the most unique and oversized hydraulic and mechanical components. This area has fostered the development of Hydrep's expertise in hydraulic cylinder design and repair with a capability to develop and handle the most demanding large cylinder applications..

Fabrication and Welding Center

Hydep's welding and fabrication center has the equipment and expertise to handle reservoir fabrication, structural support frames and platforms, steel tubing / piping and fitting construction. Hydrep can meet industry specific welding standards required to meet specific customer project needs.

Functional Test and Final Inspection

Hydrep has developed proprietary test equipment for the purpose of testing, simulating and analyzing hydraulic system performance. A test bench is available to virtually simulate system performances in order to investigate and/or verify that each individual system component is operating to its designed specification and function. System simulations can be reproduced and save hours of testing for the customer, identifying the weakest link and risk of malfunction before the system is integrated into the customer's production application. All systems manufactured must pass through Hydrep's functional test and final inspection process. The equipment for hydrostatic testing has a pressure capability that can go up to 55000 psi. The customer's functional requirements and functional specification in conjunction with the system design documentation, including schematics, assembly drawings and bill of materials are used to develop simulation, test and inspection criteria for the final product prior to shipment. This process ensures that all products are manufactured to the intended design specifications and perform according to the customers approved functional specifications. Closed-loop-corrective-action is used to correct all non-conforming systems ensuring the information is used in the fabrication and assembly of future systems.

Quality Management System

In order for Hydrep to provide goods and services that meet the ever changing and increased performance demands of the industries it supplies, we have established a quality management system that meets the most rigorous requirements. The Quality Management System of Hydrep received initial ISO registration in 2001 and is registered ISO-9001:2008 for the design and fabrication of electro-hydraulic and water treatment systems. The quality management system renewed its registration by passing the most recent audit in December 2015. Our ISO 9001 certification is an external verification that our work habits, in engineering as well as in manufacturing, exceed industry standards. With this approach, we wish to maintain an open working relationship with our customers, continuously improving our work methods, ensuring they receive products and services that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.