Machining Center

Machining Center

At Hydrep inc. we specialize in standard and custom hydraulic manifolds manufacturing. From small to large production quantities, our machine shop can deliver parts in wide range of materials, and produce manifolds to the highest quality standards on the market. Our manufacturing process and team of experts ensure that all our custom designs are optimized for maximum performance and price competitiveness.


Our programmers ensure a fast and effective production, using high-end CAD/CAM and simulation software, programming team works closely with engineers and production to make sure we always exceed our customer expectations.


Our 3 and 4 axis CNC machining centers can produce the most challenging manifold design, in various grades of aluminium, ductile iron, steel, and stainless steel. Equipped with advanced tooling, our machine can fit parts ranging from the smallest size up to 18ft3. High-speed machining techniques combined with a talented and experienced team of machinists, allow us to provide fast and repetitive results.

Secondary operations

Whether it‘s cleaning, deburring, anodizing/plating, painting, inspection or assembly, secondary operations are as important as any other manufacturingoperation. Providing clean, burr-free and "built as order" manifolds has been Hydrep's priority for many years, which translate in a smooth and trouble-free operation in the field.


Our team of talented machinists and wide variety of conventional machine tools, allows us to answer to most repair challenges. From manifold modification to cylinder rebuilt project, we will make sure to meet your needs.